Monday, July 28, 2008


L. and I went to a psychic a few days ago, just for old time's sake. I was curious...right until the woman gripped my hands in hers and said, "I need you to think of two areas of your life where you have questions."
I closed my eyes and gave my questions their silent space.
"Okay," she said, "Now I will read your questions with my mind while you say them out loud."
Wait a minute...what was that?
Hold on, if all I have to do is get people to *speak* their questions while I read their minds, naturally, I can "see myself" having a new career as a psychic very soon. Just think of the stories I could tell...
"Damn it," L. complained sitting in the dim bar just after, "That was the biggest waste of money in my life!"
"Do we really want to know our future anyway?" I asked her, "Sometimes I think people never would make it through the things that happen to them if they'd have seen them coming. Think about it."
I felt the divide in me...the torn longing to know where I will be in the future and the careful respect to stay patiently in the dark, evolving. Would I really have wanted to hear it if that woman leaned in close and whispered, "I know the rest of your life...I see it"? I would have wavered. I would have been uncertain if I even wanted to be told what was coming next.
L. shrugged and tossed her blonde hair behind her tanned shoulder, "I heard about another lady, though. This one works with the police and everything. Maybe we should give that a go just for the hell of it."
I paused for a full breath, then said, "Well, let me know if you do." I peeled the label from the slick bottle with my fingernail and sipped my beer, "Who knows...maybe I'll tag along."


Blogger daisies said...

i went once a couple of years ago and was so disappointing. i don't know what i was expecting, some magic i suppose :) i don't know that i really want to know either though, there is something magical in the not knowing i think ...

3:13 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

i went to a palm reader in NYC this past may. she was totally distracted and i was a little bit disappointed in the whole reading. but she was right about couple things--the things that were most important to me. she also told me that i would have success in july. ok, in all honesty, that is all i wanted to hear: that i would have success. i don't know if she knew that psychically of if i made it happen. but, either way, i made success happen in july.

i think that mostly we go to psychics or have our tarot read or do whatever we do because we just want to know that everything is going to be ok. i had never had my palm read before and i'm not even sure if i'll do it again....but i do know that there is power in believing in what we're capable of manifesting.

i have to admit, if i were you, i would want to try again. ;)

i was thinking about dandelion blossoms gone to seed the other day, but couldn't remember who had put the image in my head. now i was you! :) um, i think i need to slow down a notch.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Cynthia said...

there is something magical in the
not knowing, as daisies stated,
lends more to the idea that our heart's desire will be answered.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Melanie Margaret said...

I would totally want to know my future if there was someone willing to tell me.
I believe there is already a Design to Life (like that Robert Frost poem) but then we still have Free Choice ~ that's what expands the universe.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

i may be in minority but i know for sure that i don't want to know what my future holds. i would never have made some of the bravest and wisest choices in my life if i really knew how hard it was going to be. i'm quite happy living my crooked life one day at a time. but i do love an angel card!

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was so interesting to read. Like a GREAT book I wanted to keep reading the story....did you find out? What happened at the new reading, did you even go?? I am so much in awe at your writing.

Myself? No, I do not want to know. I crave excitment and knowing would totally bore the hell out of the rest of my life. :)

11:41 PM  
Blogger Odessa said...

my aunt dragged me to a palm reader once and what she told me about myself and my "love line" was so off that i just had to laugh about it afterwards.

i don't think i want to know what the future holds. i want to be excited about what will happen next and i want to keep dreaming :)

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my mom and two of her friends are going to a reading today, my mom didn't want to have a reading, so i am anxious to know if she did or not. would i want to know....???
no. yes. no. yes... no, no. ;-)

wishing for you a lovely day. xo

11:27 AM  
Blogger -blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

THANK GOD i ran across your soul:
Not everyone goes to Seventh-Heaven, dear;
Hellfire's a realm of eternal suffering.
YOU alone must make the choice:
Do I wanna worship God or be cast-away??
This will help you:
♡ ♡
Love you.
Cya soon.

1:57 PM  

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