Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am writing again and I have to say that the gate was more solid than I ever realized it could be. During the "drought" I re-read books I've already read a dozen times. I understood them in a deeper way...analyzed not only the turn of phrase or the construction of the piece, but the emotional life behind the pages in my hand. They don't teach you that in grad school. Perhaps, it is one of those experiences better lived than learned.
So it is raining, raining here on this golden early summer day. Excuse me while I chase down my brain-children for a moment or two. There are loose ends that need tying today, and characters that need to find their way home. "It's lonely. Writing. But so is practicing tennis or football runs. So is studying. So is waxing the floor and changing the baby. So is life. We are less lonely when we connect. Art is a connection. I like being a link. I hope the chain will hold."
--Nikki Giovanni--


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