Friday, October 28, 2005

In the Spirit of Love, we can do anything...this is what I've always believed. How else can you explain a young girl marrying a young boy, her belly full of baby, and the odds against everything--still being so delighted each night to fall asleep with his same steady breath in her hair? A magazine poll this week wanted to know "what was the craziest thing you've ever done for love"? I had to laugh because the craziest thing I ever did for love was to suspend my disbelief and leap with my whole self into our life. The craziest thing is how well it has worked for the both of us...

Currently, I am reading the "lost" love poems of Pablo Neruda to his beloved wife, Matilde. How tender they deep and lovely. Lines: "Here are the bread--the wine--the table--the house/ a man's needs, and a woman's, and a life's/ Peace whirled through and settled in this place/ the common fire burned, to make this light." Love poems everywhere lately...the one I wrote in the We'Moon was for my children, but is just as significant a force in my life.

The ones I love...the work I love...the life I was a productive day, a good day. My mother took my baby in the morning to play for the day, met my son at his bus stop, held them for me so I could hold my pen. She thinks she gave me a day...she gave me a new lease on the work. It could have been that I was still feeling "blocked" and the day would have seemed a "waste". As it was, I have been so busy on other projects that the book was being neglected. I sat down and exploded the initial intro structure I needed. I've been lacking a frame--for today, I believe I may just be finding it. The work is wild--it needs to be matted and cropped, hemmed in a bit by glass and wood. Solid things, tangible things. It is in process...which is a vast improvement from where I was yesterday. How quickly things can change...

I have a new nephew this week...another source of love for the family. Tomorrow, my niece will be baptized in the two-generations old garment our whole family has worn. I think of my mother, a pregnant young woman in D.C.--splurging on the Christening Garment for her unborn baby after falling in love with it through a storefront window. Now, it has adorned her four children...and seven grandchildren as well. Never would she have been able to envision the scope of her life that fall day...but, as she held the white silk, her hands must have trembled just a bit--was it worth it? Just ask her. Buying an expensive swath of silk and lace was a crazy thing to do, now it is a family treasure. We may not always see it at the time--but, love has a wisdom...a way.


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