Monday, October 03, 2005

The We'Moon: Anthology: Love: 2006 calendars and datebooks are making their way out of the publisher's office and into our waiting hands. I have a poem featured in the datebook called "Wildflowers", and it is excerpted on the wall calendar as well. Tell folks that your work is appearing in a "datebook" and people generally respond with a cross between, "huh" and "hmm". Until I had been given the We'Moon datebook for 2004 as a gift from my sister, I may have even done the same thing. But, it truly is a beautiful collaboration between women who are writers and women who are visual artists. The artwork is truly amazing...and the writing itself is inspiring. No, not everyone is going to feel compelled to know the exact astrological imprint of every day or the exact stage of the moon each night. But, why not? We live in a world largely divorced from nature...this loss has yet to be fully realized by so many individuals. If a datebook has the phase of the moon on it right between your dentist appointment, your work deadline, and your PTA meeting, all the better. Maybe, just for one night--you'll remember to look at the sky.


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