Monday, November 14, 2005


Today the sky is that Summer shade of blue with wisps of cloud--all brushed out like hair. A Summer sky on a late-fall day...the air so warm and fragrant the kids remarked this morning, "Mom, we're gonna go from Spring to Summer to Fall right back to Spring this year!" and I said, "I wish--but, we have a whole frozen Winter just ahead." I'd like to suspend my belief right along with them, and further, to have it come true--a year where Winter passes right over. But, the colors blazing on the trees and the geese still in migration overhead tell otherwise. Winter is coming...

I've been reading Marion Winik's newest book, Above Us Only Sky, over this past weekend. Though I haven't finished, I can already highly recommend it. The essay, "Green Acres" is about the turning of the seasons in Glen Rock, PA--her home now after twenty years in Austin, Texas. She writes of the snow as enhancing "isolation" her first year in the house. That she was snowed in as a pregnant, uprooted woman certainly didn't help this. But, the whole essay is beautifully rendered. It is Winik walking us through the cycle of the seasons-- by the essay's end, it is summer and, "the corn grows so high on both sides of my driveway, it feels like a leafy emerald tunnel. These days, I wait through June and July for the stalks to get that tall, so I can crawl between them invisibly as an ant in the grass." I am waiting with her.

Marion Winik is the same writer who wrote another book I always loved, The Lunchbox Chronicles. One of my favorite descriptions in that particular book is, "I spend so much time in this house, I sometimes think of the building itself as a kind of super-body, its walls a second skin, myself a cell circulating through it, pumped from the auricle kitchen to the ventricle couch." This, I can relate to completely as a person who lives, works, and studies in this house--A house I have lived in for twenty seven years of my life...

For today, however, the weather is unseasonably warm...the sun is liquid gold...and the sky is undeniably Summer blue. I'm getting out there to enjoy it with my baby--however I can.


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