Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NOVEMBER 14: (back to our regularly scheduled programming...right after these announcements)

Announcement One: Yesterday, a package finally made its way to me from Paris and a certain lovely blogger there who picked my name for a contest of hers a while back. It contained a British child's shoe last "purchased at Chatou in France" and an old French "sideways" key. I am convinced that these two pieces, which have taken up residence on my bookcase, will be taking up residence in my imagination in some wonderful words soon...oh, the stories they could tell!

Announcement Two: I also decided yesterday that I will have to officially declare myself a NaPoBloMo drop-out this afternoon. I have found this process of posting every day so incredibly interesting. It shook up my ideas about topics, my writing style, and comments...and so I am incredibly grateful for having done it for (almost) half of the month. I hope you all will visit my page and cheer on my friends as they finish out the second half of November with their daily posts. I am literally *this close* to getting my book done and the spark to do so is a motor running through me right now.

Announcement Three: I feel like my creativity is finally returning after a hard hitting summer-slump and then a fall full of more upheavals and changes in my life than I can ever fit into one blog post. But, slowly...slowly...the mysterious alchemy that transforms emotion, thought, and magic into words is flaring back up through me. I have learned the hard way that when my muse beckons--I'd better get myself in gear or she'll make me pay for it.

Announcement Four: Petunia wrote an amazing piece for her school competition and will be posting it on her blog this afternoon (after her long blogging-hiatus). If you'd like to see how my girl's muse visited her, I know she would be thrilled. I think she'll be posting fairly regularly now that she has decided to compete for a spot in one of our local art schools for junior high in creative writing, and one of the elements they look for is that the student has a website. (Um, yes...for kids entering 6th grade--amazing, isn't it?)

Announcement Five: I have been incredibly fortunate enough to be named Columns Department Co-Editor for the amazing online magazine all of you have hopefully read by now, Literary Mama. If you want to see my bio there--(and I know some of you have seen it elsewhere and may not find it quite as exciting as I do, a-hem)--you can go to the About Us page and scroll down until you find me, happily situated among the other S's. I was a fan of this magazine long before my interview with my beautiful and inspirational writing-friend was published--and now, to work as a department editor feels like I've come full-circle there. I am looking forward to getting to work!

Announcement Six: I wanted to give a special thanks to each of you who stopped by during my daily ramblings...I will have more to offer soon, after I take a few days to rest my "blogging-voice". This experience of NaBloPoMo was wonderful and wild...did I mention that I quit NaNoWriMo last year as well? I think I must have a pathological resistance to daily writing commitments...the illicit, unscheduled scribbling affair will be continued...


Blogger Melba said...

I am happy for you! So many blessings in your life right now!
I have loved your daily posting, but I can relate.
We will see if I can keep it up!

6:17 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

Wow! So many wonderful things. That is good. Very, very good. :)

I will go check out DD's blog. I can't believe they have to have a websight! With all the creeps online, it makes one wonder why they would push that? Hmm.

Congrats on the mag. That is great news!


8:53 PM  
Blogger Lilian said...

Congratulations for the Literary Mama job. I still have to catch up on your daily posts and much more, but I think you have every right to quit so you can enjoy your creativity and work on our novel and other things. Now I have to go check your daughter's blog!

12:16 AM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

All that goodness all lined up :)
Hurray for Petunia... and for your new job!!!
What a rockin' family :)

6:16 AM  
Blogger daisies said...

yay for petunia :) and you for realizing that it was time to stop. i feel like stopping as well but suspect i will carry on because i am a sucker for punishment ;-) i did, however, drop myself out of nanowrimo ~ tooo much!

beautiful gifts and congratulations on the magazine beautiful you :) xox

12:45 PM  
Anonymous kimberley said...

So many blessings! enjoy sinking deep into your creativity --- and I believe Literary Mama hit the jack pot choosing you.

6:07 PM  
Blogger paris parfait said...

So glad your beautiful writing is bearing fruit. And speaking of writing (perhaps my handwriting was unreadable), it's a British child's "shoe last" - a wooden mould for a child's shoe and it was purchased at Chatou (not a chateau), a big twice-annual brocante just outside Paris. :) Am relieved the package finally arrived, as I was getting worried. xo

7:40 AM  
Blogger paris parfait said...

Oh and P.S. Hooray for your new position and for Petunia!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Left-handed Trees... said...

Thanks to all of you for the congratulations! And, Tara, thank you for the gift and the revisions on what I called them--your handwriting is lovely--and, of course, now that you tell me this, I can read it perfectly ;)

10:02 AM  
Anonymous misty said...

so much goodness here! congrats on the new job!
i know just what it is like to have resistance to any daily commitments.

i loved visiting Petunia's blog, so sweet and gifted!

10:57 AM  
Blogger January said...

Wow! So many good things to celebrate. Maybe all of this writing got the juices flowing to finishing your book.

And I love that your daughter has a blog. That's cool.

Literary Mama is a great online magazine. I decided to send my poems to LM because of you (and one of my poems was published there). They are lucky to have you.

Woo hoo!

9:38 AM  
Blogger Left-handed Trees... said...

Thank you! Now you all know this means if you have a column idea to pitch...and it is fabulous and innovative and beautifully written, I'm your girl to submit work to, right? Visit our page for details...

2:10 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Your daughter's blog is amazing. she is very talented. I hope the creative writing program makes room for gifted youngsters from less wealthy families without enough access to computers to have their own websites.
Sorry to see you dropped out of NaBloPoMo - on the other hand, daily blogging leaves me little time to visit the others who are blogging daily - I think I'll be catching up on reading them all in December

5:47 PM  

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